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Sandeep Dahiya, an emerging luminary in the literary sphere, stands as a multifaceted writer, poet, and seasoned blogger. His creative tapestry draws inspiration from the nuanced duality of his upbringing—a delicate balancing act between the rustic charm of a traditional Haryanvi village and the bustling metropolis of Delhi. In this intricate dance, he mediates to sculpt a coherent identity, harmonizing the disparate worlds that have shaped his narrative sensibilities.


With a commendable decade-long editorial tenure at esteemed academic publishers in the country, Sandeep brings a wealth of experience to his literary pursuits. His notable works, a testament to his creative prowess, include “Footsteps Lost” (Minerva Press), “Verses from the Land of Farmers’ Messiah” (ABC Publishers), “A Half House” (Invincible Publishers), “Beyond and Beneath” (Invincible Publishers), “Chimp, Champ and Chops” (Invincible Publishers), “Lost in Red Mist” (Invincible Publishers), “Ice Cubes on Desert Sands,” “Love: The Ultimate Alchemy,” “Lazy Ways to Truth,” “Mists on the Moon,” “Runaway Husbands,” “The Kashmiri Girl,” “A Nobody’s Notebook,” and various other compelling works.
Hailing from the quaint village tapestry of Sonipat district in Haryana, Sandeep’s educational journey, from a village school to a small-town college, marked a modest ascent that belied the grand dreams he harbored. Armed with academic laurels—a Master’s in Ecology and Environment, Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication, and Masters in English—he navigated a path that held promise for a different destiny. Encouraged by a perceptive official in Shimla during summer vacations, who discerned his latent gift for writing, Sandeep embarked on the challenging quest for the coveted IAS and PCS.
In the rustic expanse where literature typically takes a backseat to agrarian pursuits, Sandeep emerged as a literary outlier, challenging the status quo and forging an unconventional path. His pursuit of a self-possessed and self-nourished dream has not been without its trials and tribulations. The allure of full-time writing beckoned, and yet, he faced his own limitations as a writer, grappling with forces seemingly beyond his control. A decade spent in the editorial echelons of academic publishers provided him with both grounding and resilience, as he now endeavors to secure a steadfast foothold guided by the anticipatory whispers of his innate voice.
Sandeep’s journey included a valiant foray into the fiercely competitive realm of India’s civil services examination. Faced with challenges, both personal and literary, he persevered. The arduous path, marked by politico-bureaucratic-judicial intricacies, unveiled the flaws in the system rather than his own shortcomings. In moments of descent, his inner voice, a beacon of justice, offered silent affirmation.
Each fall etched deeper analytical impressions on the neurons of his brain, and each bruise on his heart became a wellspring of creative inspiration. In the face of setbacks, Sandeep finds solace and inclination to write. His words become vessels for reflections and sentiments, encapsulating the myriad catapults that life hurls uniquely at each one of us. Writing becomes not just a means of personal satisfaction but a profound endeavor to craft scenes and visualizations for a better world, both for himself and the broader cause of humanity. In Sandeep Dahiya’s literary odyssey, professionalism meets poetic grace, and each word resonates with the eloquence of a storyteller navigating the delicate interplay of tradition and modernity.