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author sandeep dahiya

What if the room seems cast in the unyielding shadows of miseries, its walls standing as formidable barriers that resist all attempts at change? The walls, thick and unyielding, may seem beyond your capacity to shift or reshape. The task of altering its structure and transforming the internal dynamics might appear insurmountable. You might even find yourself engulfed in a darkness so profound that it has eclipsed the light of enthusiasm, the sunrays of your willpower, and the radiant glow of your passion. There are moments when the weight of the world feels too heavy, and the room, a suffocating cocoon of despair, stifles your every breath.

Yet, being a revolutionary fighter at all times is not a prerequisite. It is permissible to retreat to a darker corner of that room, obscured by the veils of your own miseries—most of them unseen by the indifferent world outside. However, dwelling in a deadened, pitch-black corner is tantamount to an early demise, and we are not meant to be dead before our time. Temporary refuge in the lap of a deathlike stale corner might offer a semblance of utility, but it pales in comparison to allowing the tears and anguish of self-pity and helplessness to flow out, relinquishing the role of a perpetual victim.
The release of this emotional catharsis serves a purpose. Crying, overwhelmed by the weight of victimization, aids in shedding the salt from your wounds and clears the eyes clouded by despair. After this tearful outpour, you are expected to see better and clearer. Having lain on the metaphorical hospital bed, affording a bit of rest for the diseased and afflicted self, you are now called upon to rise, don your slippers, and stride away to reclaim what was lost during the forced hiatus.

Even within the confines of your dark corner, amidst the seemingly impenetrable walls, there lies the power to open windows—windows that either you or the winds of circumstance have slammed shut. Resist the futile endeavor to move walls or bang against locked doors; instead, open the openable window. Allow a sliver of light to enter, exposing yourself to the delicate traces of light that will inevitably rekindle the fire within you. If lifting the entire roomful of miseries seems beyond reach, you can certainly lift the smaller signs of your worth and capabilities scattered around your feet in the darkness. Hold them up against the light streaming in through the recently opened window; these are the imperishable seeds, destined to grow into a luxuriant harvest, provided you nurture them with the moisture of your feeble self during the re-germination.
Your laughter may not echo to the fullest contentment, but you can muster a smile for the world outside your small peeping window. Even the faintest glimmer of a smile will suffice; these are the flower buds destined to blossom into hearty laughter. While your hands may not be ready to break mighty boulders, they can certainly wave gently at the world beyond, receiving gracious acknowledgment in return. Perhaps you’re not prepared for a marathon just yet, but you can shuffle your feet, count your steps, and listen to the measured pace between the walls—it’s a prelude to the triumphant journey you’re bound to undertake.
Close your eyes and, with an open heart, acknowledge your role in casting shadows within the room. Perfection eludes us all, and our share in miseries may vary in magnitude. While the universe remains beyond our alteration, the self is a canvas where a little reformation is possible. Overhauling your entire being may seem daunting, but transforming small aspects of life is within your grasp. It will dispel the wrong shades, leaving you a transformed individual. Close your eyes again, reflect on your positives, your advantages, your virtues—there are undoubtedly many. Gently look around; these qualities must be somewhere near. Acknowledge them with a proud smile. They, along with many other small things, will be your allies. Forget about the monumental tasks for now. Gather these seeds, hold them close—they are your ticket back to a world brimming with roles, responsibilities, praise, and achievements. These little seeds, nurtured with care, will burgeon into a bountiful harvest, guiding you back to the grand tapestry of a life redefined.