Shiva's Naga

Indian mythology is full of beautiful fables and interesting tales. Now they have very mystical meanings if we analyze >>>>

The Making of a Sanyasi

There was a knock at the gate. A sadhu with kindly eyes stares at us. He had snow-white beard, a typical well-established mendicant’s facial gro >>>>

A Simple Man of Faith

There is a simple man in our village. He is in his early fifties and a grihastha. He is a small farmer but his wife is a government teacher. His son a >>>>

Givers and Takers

I have seen a few wonderful old women beggars—even though calling them ‘beggars’ would be almost a sin but given my inability to fin >>>>

The Missing Towel

Early mornings in early winters have a mild chill. So here I’m draped in a chador, the best way the farmers and their ilk feel warm. Give them t >>>>

The Sunburnt Rose

I m a sunburnt rose in the little garden of a common man. My smile is singed with scorching May heat. These are the scorched edges born of my battle t >>>>

The Book of Life

Aha the book of life! Every day a new chapter. Each incident, happening or phenomenon a fresh sentence with profound meanings.
The new sun rising o >>>>

Romancing with Peace

Remember the wonderful time you spent on a beach facing a calm, bluish lagoon? Its soft bluish ripples gently tugging at your soul. Silence and peace >>>>


Uncontrolled emotions will turn us suicidal, depressed and at the most a brooding misfitted poet. Uncontrolled mind will leave us open to the chance w >>>>

Reading the Book of Life

Passing through a poor locality in Delhi is always revealing. To feel gratitude for whatever God has given us, we ought to visit slums and pavements c >>>>

The Lightness of Being

Who doesn't appreciate the genius of Leo Tolstoy? Through his beautiful writing the sagely author continues to inspire millions even after a cent >>>>

The Rainbow in a Bubble

There is hardly any qualitative difference between what goes in the sky above and what happens on the ground below. The sky shifts. It moves, it sings >>>>

The Full Game of Life

I don't exactly remember the name of that plant. But when we chew its leaves during childhood they tasted very bitter. But the bitter taste was j >>>>

Kiss the storms

 Storms are storms. Just storms! Nothing else. They do not have much to offer both to nature and humans. They swi >>>>

Human Touch

Being a bookish guy, I’m not much into physical activities. But walking on pilgrimages seems to add a different >>>>


JK was a free soul. He broke all chains of religious and spiritual institutions. He didn't believe in the guru-disciple equation in the strict sens >>>>

The pointless point

 To look for ultimate truth, or reality, or absolute knowledge, the body would need immense amount of energy. Because the normal levels of ene >>>>

Spin your webs well

This is your very own beautiful reality dear earthling...a lovely reality created by you through your own experiences >>>>