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Little sips of love

If you can't so much as smile back at a flower's innocent, selfless offer of fragrance and beauty, I doubt your readiness and ability to laugh and roll in pleasure over the bigger boons of life. Learn to love and like the small small charms of life. These are the building blocks which get you the largest palace of happiness and meaning in life. This palace of happiness never lies in totality. It merely lurks as the next milestone. We can never reach it. But along the way we can pick up little fragments of beauty, love and compassion which constitute the spirit of that palace of our dreams. So don't overstep a chance to light up your face with a smile. Don't miss a chance to bring the same curve of life on someone's lips who needs it. Happiness always was, and forever will, be defined by small things. The bigger things are just mirages lurking fakely over the horizon. They exist only to ensure that we keep running and stampede over our little chance of happiness. So guys pick up your tiny fragments of happiness lying there around you. You don't have to run too far. Stay there. Smile. There are as many things in your life to be happy about as there are stars in the sky. But these are tiny, twinkling feeble with their ray of hope. These are not bombarding stars, dazzling the cosmos. Learn to love the tiny stars of your life, for they don't startle you. They just hold the tiny flicker of hope and happiness and we'll that's what life is. A small, hopeful, happy ray, gently twinkling, imperceptibly almost, for a journey from unknown to some vestiges of knowledge.