A slightly better being

Why be unduly bothered about the typical bugs of the mind like anger, hate, jealousy and others? Follow the trail of any of these, in an effort to track its cause or root, and it will take you to the same primary root. All the negative reactions of our mind, which make us feel guilty after their manifestation in the mind-body combo, originate from the same root. The restlessness at the core, prompting us to seek a higher self. If you have already started looking at your triggers of anger, hate, jealousy, fears etc, it means you already view them as alien entities, strangers to your real self. You want them out. You aren't ready to own them. It means you are already on the path of liberation. Just watch them, watch them, watch them. And they will slowly lose their intensity on your system. They will have a far less force on your system. They won't be impulsive enough to make you react. It's not about their total absence. It's about their being ineffective and not able to dictate our lives. They pop up and are gone. They surface, like a thief comes at a market place, and are gone the moment he sees a policeman. Really knowing a negative emotion or thought as it is, feeling its negative shades itself is the solution. Suppose there is some guy whose reality we don't know. He can easily dupe us. But when we know the truth about him, he won't have a big chance of duping us because we know the nature of reality about him. The same with these typical bugs of mind. The goal isn't about their absence. It's only about being aware of their true nature. Then they become mere bubbles. They pop up and are gone without leaving a big impact on our behaviour. Even saints have these bubbles in their minds. They will arise. It's their nature. But a sage's mind-body system is evolved to a level where these negative shades pass out without much impact. It's not about not having them. It's about making them ineffective. In the beginning with  action and stern look at them. And later, with practice, to ignore them almost on impulse. If we arrive on earth with an impulse to be driven by them, we can certainly develop an impulse to ignore them with practice. Then they may keep popping up. There won't be much turbulence in life.

Yoga, kundalini, Bhakti, gyan, everything is meant to bring a kind of positive symmetry in body and mind's functioning so that there are more of positive neuro chemicals and hormones such as endorphins in the body. That makes us further less prone to infection by the bugs of negative thoughts and emotions. These are spiritual immunity boosters which make us strong against the attack by the things whom we consciously view as against our peace and wellbeing. Haven't you observed that when we are happy and joyful--it means we are overloaded with positive neurochemicals at that time-- we are less prone to irritation by the same stimulants that would leave us blasting in other state? 

So all this is holistic art. This keen observance, yoga, Bhakti, gyan, everything. Just like different types of nutrients for the body to keep ailments away. Use these various types of spiritual pills to strengthen against the bugs of suspicion, fear, discontentment, anger, jealousy. They will always stay in your system and surroundings as long as you are here on earth. Just like human body cannot do away with the harmful bacteria and virus around. They are going to be there. So what do we do? We increase the immunity to leave them ineffective on our system. The same is with negative bugs of mind. They will be there, wether inside you or in the people around you. The task is to strengthen your system to an extent that they don't shake your emotional health too much. Who are the siddhas? They are the robust most energetic systems upon whom the usual bugs that we humans find so troublesome have no effect. But rest assured, they have their own challenges to fight against, the challenges of different categories of which we aren't aware. So the challenge stays. Don't ever dream of reaching a spiritual stage where challenges will vanish. They will aways stay in one form or the other, just like harmful virus and bacteria around. 

Lastly, a smile itself kills a million bugs of the mind. So smile now!